Burden of Tobacco

Is tobacco a problem to Sri Lanka?

Majority of you will say “Yes” at once…yes it is a problem in many aspects, mainly in health, economic, socially and development context. It is a problem at individual, community and nation level.

Health burden of tobacco

Global statistics:

 “Globally, Tobacco is responsible for more than 15% of deaths among men and 7% of deaths among women. Source: The Tobacco Atlas, 4th Edition

Annually more than 6 million people around the world are estimated to die due to tobacco related illness, from direct use of the product. An additional 600,000 are estimated to die from illness due to second hand smoking.

Sri Lanka:

Estimated annual mortality from tobacco-related illness is about 20, 000 deaths that is approximately 57 people die per day due to tobacco use. Cigarette is the only product, which kills one out of two consumers.

Non-Communicable Diseases [NCDs] have become the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Sri Lanka and tobacco use is a recognized causal factor in the genesis of NCDs.

Source: Brief Profile on Tobacco Control in Sri Lanka, Ministry of Health -2009 

Economic, social and development burden of tobacco

Do you know that Sri Lankans spend approximately Rs. 208 million on cigarettes per day (as per annual report of CTC in 2011 the income was Rs. 76,150,556,000/-). This is the amount of money, which could have been utilized for individual and community development. Did you know that the revenue of CTC is flowed to foreign countries, as the British American Tobacco-BAT owns more