Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs

Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs

Drop-In-Centre (DIC)
We use a friendly and supportive environment at DIC to change the behaviours of heroin users positively and this centre is not a rehabilitation centre. In this concept, strict rules, regulations and time tables are not being used. The users are free to come and go at any time they want. Facilities to read, play and held discussions with ADIC are provided. The only rule imposed at the centre prohibits them to use heroin inside the DIC.

One to One Discussions With Heroin Users – By Field Workers
Discussions are held with the heroin users individually at their locations. Barriers to quit (physical, psychological and social), myths on heroin use and how to overcome the withdrawal symptoms are the topics mainly discussed in these one to one meetings. Very personnel and secret matters related to heroin addiction are openly revealed by the heroin users at these meetings.

Low Cost Community Based Camps (LCC)
Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs
LCC are treatment camps established to help heroine users to stop using drugs. Mainly the social psychological method is used to help them. Several selected heroin users are registered and entered into a camp for fifteen days. The camps will be situated at a place with a free environment near their home places. The activities done at the camp include trainings and discussions on the heroin issue, life skills, leadership, fun games, and brain storming sessions. Follow up plans are made for all the participants during the camping period with their contribution. Most of the daily camp activities are done by the participants. The community contribution is a very important factor in the LCC concept. LCC facilitates the community members to identify their responsibilities towards these participants living in their own community.

Make the Support Environment to be Free
Family members of heroin users (parents, wife, and children etc.), police, religious leaders, community members and other leaders of their own community are the key roles or the important supportive roles in this treatment concept. Trainings and discussions are held with them to create a friendly and supportive environment for heroin users to quit.

Support Groups
Support groups are formed by the ex drug users. The main responsibility of them is to help the current drug users in their community to quit drug use. Sharing their past experiences in quitting heroin is very important and inspirational for the current heroine users to quit heroin consumption. This approach also strengthens the support group members as they engage themselves in helping others.

Small Group Discussions with Ex Drug Users
Ex drug users were facilitated by ADIC team to talk openly regarding the positive benefits they received after stopping heroin use. This process helps everyone to learn positive practices of others which will sustain their efforts in quitting heroin.

Group Meetings Mixed with Ex Drug Users and Current Users
Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs
Combining both ex drug users and current users motivate them to share their experiences. The current users discussed issues such as barriers to quit heroin use; with the ex users and this process helped them to strengthen their idea to quit.

Brain-Storming Discussions in User Groups
User group discussions were focused mainly on how and what users feel after using the drug and the withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, after using the same drug at same level in the same social background the reported withdrawal symptoms were different and contradictory. Using such examples, users were able to differentiate learned effects of the drug from the subculture and the real chemical effects of the drug.

Group Discussions with Vulnerable Groups
Non drug using impish youth, very closely engaging with user groups or living in same drug using community are recognized as vulnerable groups. They are at a big risk to use heroin with the force of their user friends. Changing their thinking pattern regarding heroin use and prevent them in starting heroin use are the main purposes of working with these groups.

Increase The Range Of Happiness And Push Them Towards A Healthy Life
Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs Heroin Users to be Free from Drugs
Sports, concerts and events are organized for them to take responsibilities. These activities help them to realize how to spend their time happily and worthily.

Follow Up
Follow ups concern about – stopping use, reducing use, behavioral changes, and environmental changes.